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Winter gardens

The winter gardens applied by our company are consist of metal construction and glass weighted walls and roofs. Designs can be various, depending on the characteristics of the project.


The materials we use on the walls are mainly aluminium frames and glass. With this system, walls with high thermal conductivity (Uw: 2.1 W / m2K heat transfer coefficient) can be formed. Also according to the project requirements, usage options such as fixed window, door, single axis wing opening, double axis wing opening (turn & tilt), sliding wing opening, parallel slide, hebe-schebe, folding slide applicable.

For use in aluminium joinery, low-E coated glass for thermal insulation, solar coated glass for solar control, and acoustic glass for noise control can be used. Of course, it is possible to create fixed walls instead of aluminium joinery in the walls.


The roofs of the winter gardens that our company applies are mainly made of glass with aluminium Skylight system. With this system, the daylight is fully available for the winter garden. In this glazed roof system, ventilation can be provided by applying open wings to the outside. The glasses used in the Skylight system are two separate security elements, tempered and laminated.

Low-E coated glass for heat insulation in glasses, solar coated glass for solar control, acoustic glass for noise control can be used. Also alternatively sun-proof aluminium-plated or shingle-plated panels can be used on the roof, instead of a glazing system.